Edges,Borders,Gaps - Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia Conference - July 10-12 2015

Published: 24.05.2015

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edgesbordergaps , the 16th Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia (JMGA) conference encompasses a range of events which bring together practitioners of all levels of experience from around Australia, New Zealand and beyond.
Through the conference we seek to provide a forum to generate a lively environment for discussion and deliberation of current issues in the field of contemporary jewellery.
This conference will be of interest to practitioners, educators, curators, collectors, researchers, theorists working across a wide range of disciplines as well as the wider public.
Engaging with these presentations and exhibitions will allow a development of a deeper understanding of contemporary jewellery.

We are accustomed to jewellery playing a range of defined roles in our lives, appearing in different contexts and generating a variety of meanings.  Jewellery from non-traditional materials is no longer unusual, but what of jewellery that tests our understanding of a ‘jewel’ in other ways?
In our technologically-oriented world borders are shifting and dissipating, so where are the current borders within contemporary jewellery? What do they look like today? What are they separating? What gaps are appearing, waiting to be filled? Have we reached the boundaries of contemporary jewellery as we have known it or are we reconstructing it in other guises?

In 2015 the broader conference project includes 3 days of talks; an exhibition program; a workshop program (pre- and post- conference); social events, including the infamous Pin Swap; and additional satellite events include a multitude of jewellery exhibitions.
Guest speakers include:- Peter Bauhuis , Pravu Mazumdar, Atinuj Tantavit, Gitte Nygaard & Josephine Winther (Makers Move). Workshop hosts include Philip Sajet, Peter Bauhuis, Vick Mason, Sue Lorraine and Catherine Truman.
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ABOUT JMGA: The Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia is a membership based organisation, representing jewellery and object practitioners throughout Australia. As a volunteer non-profit organisation we provide a forum to promote, support and develop the field of contemporary jewellery.