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Published: 30.06.2016
Pei Wu
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I see jewellery as a very intimate item. So I think the sentiment and the object that inspires the jewellery I want to make, could come from the owner.

So I would like to listen to your story about the objects that you collect. It could be anything, such as a toy from childhood, an old picture of a family member, a piece of jewellery. Anything as long as it is important or has a sentimental value to you.
Your story could be a part of my final collection, named “Jewellery” as Narrative, Carrying the Past. It is a co-design jewellery project, which means the work will be complete by both of us; the user/ wearer and the designer.

What I will do consists of:
● Recording your story regarding the history, the value, the meaning to you.
● Illustrate your story and create a visual document to record the whole process of making jewellery.
● Materializing your story to make it wearable, and I hope, strengthen the relationship between the item and you.

If you are willing to share the story of your object with me and take part in my project, before next week, by the 8/July, please:
01. Choose one of your objects.(no matter if it’s with you or you lost it, this also    could be an abstract concept, a quote, a memory, a book, etc.)
02. Write a short paragraph to describe that item, and maybe why it is important to you? Why do you want to carry it with you?
03. If you can attach a photo or sketch, it will be very helpful for me to imagine and design.
04. Tell me if you are willing to provide the item to me to make it into a jewellery piece? We could always discuss about how to work on it, e.g. how would you like to wear or carry it. And the final piece of jewellery will belong to you eventually after the exhibition, if you would like to own it.
05. Please leave your contact details: facebook / skype / whatsapp / line for further discussion.
06. Email to

Thank you very much, I’m looking forward to your story.
For more information, please contact:
phone: +447413052564
instagram: passingfoundry

Pei Wu (Eva)