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Atelier Ted Noten: Coming events

Published: 01.04.2014

On Sunday, March 30th Atelier Ted Noten opens the interactive ‘Scent Station’ specially designed to coincide with the annual theme of “Scent of the Times " for the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands.
‘Scent Station’ is a remarkable interactive installation executed in the unique style of Atelier Ted Noten and will be available to experience as a part of the outdoor exhibition at the museum. ATN invites you to engage in the phenomenon of the sense of smell and its intrinsic link to memory. Take a page from the detailed recollections of writer Marcel Proust and allow your sense of smell to be your guide through this unique exhibition.

Smell conjures emotional associations by creating connections between generations of past and present and at the same time provides sentimental information for generations of the future. The Scent Station gives the visitor access to fragrances that capture the imagination, creating a unique dialogue between ages.

Atelier Ted Noten poses a question: Explain how a STORM smells. The ‘Scent Station’ is an interactive experience that invites viewers to participate in the development of new scent created especially for the Zuiderzee museum.

STORM will be launched at the festive occasion of the opening night of the Zuiderzee Museum during the last week of October. Join us to celebrate this momentous occasion; perhaps you will recognize your own contribution in the stormy mix of smells and sensations.

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With the theme of ‘Scent of the Times’, the Outdoor Museum will usher in the new season with a blast . Actor Barry Atsma will host the opening between 14:00 – 15:00, complete with a sprinkling of Betrothal, one of the worlds most exclusive fragrances.
Outdoor museum visitors are invited to partake in twenty evocative smell experiences, ranging from smoked fish, wax, to green soap.

‘Scent Station’ by Atelier Ted Noten is an exclusive part of this unique exhibition.

Saturday 29 March – Sunday 26 October 2014
‘Scent Station’ by Atelier Ted Noten at Zuiderzee Museum Enkhuizen Indoor Museum is open the whole year from 10:00 to 17:00, Outdoor Museum from Saturday

29 March to Sunday 26 October 2014
Address: Wierdijk 12-22, Enkhuizen, the Netherlands

Other exhibitions by Atelier Ted Noten this year include:

‘Beauty of Violence’
Garage Rotterdam, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
26 april – 6 july 2014 / Opening Friday 25th April

‘Blood, Sweat & Pearls’ / Retro -25 years Ted Noten
Gallery Putti, Riga, Latvia
Opening 18th of October - till 9th November 2014