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Published: 11.11.2011

I am writing to inform you about the New Zealand International Contemporary Jewellery Symposium, JEMposium.

This event will be held from 10–13 February 2012 in Wellington, the arts capital of New Zealand. Experienced and emerging contemporary jewellers – as well as collectors, curators, critics and jewellery enthusiasts from New Zealand and abroad – will come together to reflect and discuss current jewellery practices and trends. Many galleries and museums in and around New Zealand will feature exhibitions related to JEMposium during the period.
We are offering opportunities for you to take part in the symposium as a friend of JEMposium. Your support will help us to make JEMposium a truly memorable event.

The symposium programme is structured around a series of formal and informal gatherings to allow attendees to access the knowledge, skills and experience the experts will bring.
Themes and topics covered during this four-day international event will be led by four of the world’s best informed and most experienced international jewellery artists: Ted Noten (The Netherlands), Manon van Kouswijk (The Netherlands/Aus), Fabrizio Tridenti (Italy), Karl Fritsch (Germany/NZ) and international art historian Liesbeth den Besten (The Netherlands). These five keynote speakers will join some of New Zealand’s most influential jewellers, including Warwick Freeman, Lisa Walker and Andrea Daly.

Additionally – and perhaps, more importantly – JEMposium will give international guests exposure to New Zealand jewellery practices. New and emerging jewellers will be able to learn and develop vital skills for dealing with international audiences and critics. The four-day international event will also open up new developments and opportunities in the field of distribution; create an understanding of how international markets operate; and further discuss how New Zealand jewellers can access and attain a distinctive place within these markets.

Please visit the official JEMposium website for more details

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