Bórax08001 Tombola

Published: 29.04.2013

What is the Bórax08001 Tombola?

The Bórax08001 collective of contemporary art jewellers will give away one jewel created by each one of them – 10 Jewels in total – in a raffle (or tombola) that will take place September 21, 2013 in Paris, France, during the "D'un bijou à l'autre" circuit. Tickets cost 10 Euros.

So, in short, the Bórax08001 Tombola is about:

10 Jewels by 10 Artists for 10 Euros

To take part in the raffle all you have to do is contribute to our cause in spreading contemporary art jewellery beyond what anyone has ever imagined before.

We will be most grateful and promise to give it our best shot... and keep you posted!

Why should you contribute to the Bórax08001 Tombola?

Here are some ideas:

a.     Because you would LOVE TO SUPPORT our ongoing projects!
b.     Because you absolutely LOVE contemporary art jewellery!
c.      Because you absolutely LOVE our work!
d.     Because you most definitely don't want to miss the chance to win one of the 10 PIECES OF JEWELLERY created by us!
e.     Because you are a friend or relative and you love us as much as WE LOVE YOU!
f.      Because YOU CAN (and who are we to say no)!
g.     Because it's only 10 EUROS.
h.     All of the above.
i.      None of the above.

Or because you would like contemporary art jewellery to reach the furthest of places in your imagination. And you know that by supporting Bórax08001 and our ongoing projects you are supporting a young, talented and creative group of artists who are willing to dedicate their lives to take this form of art beyond its current limits — artistically, technically and socially.