Goldschmitte 2018 skyscraper.
LAO Workshops 2018 skyscraper.

Cranbrook Department of Metalsmithing Exhibits: Nothing New

Published: 13.01.2013

Creation is inherently cyclical.

It rotates back into itself for fuel and thus is continuously self-referential. All art, even the most revolutionary, is stained with the memory of our individual and common histories, our physical interactions with the world, and our intellectual endeavors. Art cannot and should not be cleaned of these stains, for these are the proof of our learning. As artists we are constantly recreating the past, either unwittingly or in direct dialogue with a thing, a solid or intangible object. Nothing New is a show that embraces the tangible histories of our art. These are objects witnessing their own conception.

at Kingswood Lower Gallery from January 14th to February 8th

Cranbrook Metalsmithing Department
39221 Woodward Ave
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304