Discursive Picnic at the exhibition Neuer Schmuck at MaximiliansForum Munich

Published: 07.03.2011

Schmuck2 invites you to the Discursive Picnic at MaximiliansForum on March 18, 2011, 4 – 7 pm under the headline: art/design/jewelry/exhibition space/studio/space – interdisciplinary approaches. At the Discursive Picnic everybody is guest and host at the same time. Bring your ideas, art, works, projects, actions, catalogs, publications, food, drinks and picnic utensils or come as you are. Unpack, pack: we are looking forward to seeing you!

2010 the HOCHsitz studio – a space created as an intersection between exhibition space/studio/space, as comment to the current debate on interdisciplinary approaches – was developed by Martí Guixe in collaboration with the association Schmuck2 e.V. in Glashagen. We will preview HOCHsitzen – a magazine style publication fresh from the printers in which designers, artists and project rooms like Verzameld Werk, BLESS und UNWETTER contemplate their practice. Anne Schloen and Susan Pietzsch von Schmuck2, as well as Jole Wilcke and Ulrike Solbrig from UNWETTER will be present.

UNWETTER is an international artist collective (Dorothee Albrecht, Benno Gammerl, Clemens Krauss, Ulrike Solbrig, Jole Wilcke, Christine Wolfe) based in Berlin, working together since documenta11 – they connect institutional and non-institutional spaces. Stumbling upon the Discursive Picnic – amateurs, professionals, private and public figures can make use of it by sharing and exchanging knowledge, things and roles as they did at the Liverpool Biennial, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, the pedestrian area of Palanga or at the re-opening of the Albertinum in Dresden.

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