Earthquake in Aquila, Italy

Published: 08.04.2009

Two of our friends, colleagues and members of our association agc, Paolo Mazzeschi and Mascia Cima, are from Aquila and have lost everything, their homes and workshops. They have had the dignity not to ask for anything, but are in need of just about everything.

To all of us, it is unthinkable that in a few seconds you can go from planning the forthcoming opening of a new workshop that has taken over a year to refurbish (Paolo would have had an exhibition to celebrate the opening of his new space on 21st April), to simply being thankful for being alive, even though no longer able to work or to live in your house for who knows how long!

We of agc have thought of raising some funds for our fellow colleagues in need, so that they may use the money for whatever needs they may have, from very basic needs to, at a later stage, restoring their working situations.

Agc will collect the funds through its bank account and transfer the amounts received directly to Paolo and Mascia, free of any commissions or fees, just out of solidarity towards colleagues in a difficult situation.

Every little amount would be of great help to them.

Thank you on behalf of all agc executive committee members.

Rita Marcangelo
Agc Chairman

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