Handshake Jewellery

Published: 18.10.2012

As you may know, the Handshake jewellery mentorship and exhibition project is already running for the past 18 months.

Handshake is a mentoring project involving emerging jewellers from New Zealand matched with their chosen idols/mentors from across the globe. The project began in February 2011, and is ongoing until 2013, with exhibitions in NZ and beyond along the way. The whole project is documented on this blog:

We are having a raffle of fourteen wonderful pieces for NZ$5 per ticket. Works were donated by mentees and mentors (including the wonderful Karl Fritsch). We are raising funds to take this show on the road to Schmuck in Munich 2013 and a fabulous accompanying 100 page publication.

If you have not already done so, please consider this great cause. Please email me if you are interested in purchasing a (few) ticket(s).

Spread the news. Deadline 7 November.

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause with full enthusiasm.

Peter Deckers
Organiser/curator of Handshake