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Jie Sun: From the Minister to Triple Parade

Published: 11.05.2014

Recent News

1. Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition TRIPLE PARADE has gained a great success in Shenzhen OCT-Loft museum galleries from 30th of March-20th of April, figured by more than 13 local newspapers.  INFO

2. The Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science,
Mrs. Jet Bussemaker, and Ambassador Mr. Aart Jacobi
have visited the exhibition TRIPLE PARADE in Beijing Ubi gallery at 26th of March. INFO

3. Jie Sun has invited as the speaker for jewellery design on the forum of Beijing Design Week 2014 in the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art ( UCCA ) in Beijing. 28th of March 2014. INFO

4. The University Lecture Tour, lecturing by Jie Sun, went through 7 leading universites in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo. From 13th March-20th April. INFO

5. The exhibition “Hermits’ Toast”- Märta Mattson and Jie Sun, successfully opened in Ying Gallery in Beijing. 3rd -27th April2014. INFO

6. ELLE Deco interview ( 03.2014 edition ). INFO


Coming Events.
1. Lecture & Workshop in Finland
2. Exhibitions
COLLECT in London with Gallery Ra & MELTING POINT in Valencia/Spain with La Basílica Galería