Last week to see the exhibition: Wearable by Lisa Walker

Published: 19.07.2011

Until 24 July 2011 at
Gallery S O
92 Brick Lane, E1 6RL London, UK

This exhibition presents a selection of Lisa Walker’s recent works and celebrates the launch of Wearable, a publication of her works and projects from 2008–2010.

Lisa Walker’s jewellery continues to be a playful study that considers how we might engage with disproportionately sized objects, and our perception of ugliness and beauty. Walker purposely uses amateurish techniques to make her pieces. Many incorporate plastic and textiles that are melted together, glued, painted, distorted or cut into pieces, appearing like saturated clusters of objects. She collects from a wide variety of materials – whether rubbish, toys, food, kitsch or computer parts – embracing any source that expresses the intention of her idea.
Walker’s provocative, energetic and reactive jewellery not only reflects her cultural background and geographic distance, but also interrogates the meaning and presence of jewellery created since the 1970s.

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