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The Lunatic Swing

Published: 28.02.2013

The group of artists from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich come back again and display an exhibition during the Schmuck fair 2013.

Special-Opening during "SCHMUCK 2013 Munich" on 7th March at 5pm - 8pm.

Looking past the confines of the given space these six emerging contemporary jewellers will exhibit their work on a transformed landscape. Stretching the fabric of convention tight over traditional forms the dance of light promises to swing to a delirious rhythm. The artists involved are all alumni of Munich’s Academy of Fine Art and all but one live and work in Munich.

Attai Chen, Israel
Songho Cho, South Korea
Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary, Germany
Laura Deakin, Australia
Melanie Isverding, Germany
Emma Price, Australia

Opening on 26 th February at 7pm
Kunstarkaden, Sparkassenstraße 3, 
80331 Munich
opening times: tuesday-saturday 1-7pm, sunday 1-6pm