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Manifesto – What is it all still about these days??

Published: 04.06.2013

The things we buy have more effect on our world than we think of. What you decide to spend your money on should be a carefully thought of choice. Quality is still always better than quantity but these days another criteria has come into the equation and that is “soul”. Today there is undoubtedly more quality on offer, but does it still come with soul ??

Industrialization is everywhere and it has taken over jewelry as well. This is our plead to make you buy differently.
These days a lot of “jewelry” is not anymore about who made it, how its been made and why it has been made. It is all about price, showing up and treachery of the consumer.

 How to put as many stones as possible in order to make it as expensive as possible? How to use the least amount of gold in order to make it shine just enough but still make the highest margin possible? How to name stones in fancy ways just to label: “diamonds” ? How to facilitate and render anonymous the making process in order to cut down on expensive personal traditional craftsmanship? What is left ? a brandname, a price tag.

The jewelry we represent in the gallery has been created by artists who have made it to bring over a very personal and precise emotion. One person, one piece. They have gone through years of improving themselves in certain techniques that take time to master. Extensive research, trials and mishaps precede the ultimate result. Making money out of it is never a starting point and generally the least of their concern.

Imperfection is part of it all, it is not rejected. Fragility is sometimes the result but being willing to handle it with care is part of the experience. Proper attention and cleaning makes the piece more valuable. Do we still take time for things?

Do we accept something different or do we all want to wear the same thing?

Next time you see a glossy advertisement or walk by a store look carefully through it and think twice, do some research and visit a gallery nearby or an independent maker.

Celebrate their effort and you will be rewarded with a little more soul.

Caroline Van Hoek, 31.05.2013