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Manuela Gandini: Adventures among the Jewels and 10 years of experimentations

Published: 11.07.2014

Launch of the new website

In 2004 I decided to make my ideas physical and real.
Thus was born the project MANUGANDA, created by me, Manuela Gandini. A project focused on the creation of contemporary jewelery, that they were not just a surprise for anniversary, but that would express my vision of what these creations can be.
During these 10 years MANUGANDA has grown with me. We have learned, experienced, done and correct errors, worked hard, designed with great enthusiasm and the result is the current collection, innovative but consistent, timeless and unconventional. And the new website is its clear representation.

10 years after its birth, here is the new MANUGANDA's website, to tell how was born and evolved the brand. There you will find a video, a story and images of the atelier.
Full screen images of the jewelry worn and collected in two macro collections that represent a selection of pieces made in recent years.
You will have the opportunity to learn about the offers available, and shop online, but also be informed about what magazines, the web and other media say about us.
The website offers the possibility of direct contact through a regular newsletter and social networks.

The new website has been designed with the same care used to create the jewelry collection that represents. Dive in and surf between its pages, to discover the creative universe of MANUGANDA.