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Mind your Language: Zimmerhof SchmuckSymposium

Published: 10.04.2013

In this symposium we will be exploring, questioning, pulling apart and then putting back together, some of the many issues facing the linguistics of jewellery today. Especially focusing on our communication with each other and with our different audiences.*

Do you want the opportunity to speak and show your work to some of the top people in the discipline at the famous Zimmerhof SchmuchSymposium this year?

To be in with a chance of taking part in this fantastic event please answer this question in EXACTLY 19 words;

"If you were to say something about the language of your jewellery in nineteen words what would you say?"

Please include 2 images. One of a piece of your own work and one not of your own work!

DEADLINE: 20th April 2013

If selected you will receive a free place for the entire Symposium worth €145 (this includes food and accommodation in the barn. Beers/drinks and transportation to Symposium are not included.)

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