Published: 13.04.2012


Art/ research Jewellery is a growing discipline, with many countries steadily developing, educating and exhibiting a wealth of talented new jewellers, who are increasingly subject[ing] the traditionally decorative function of jewellery to a critical examination and question[s] its assumptions.

Thousands of people travel to Munich every year to see the best of the best, exhibiting alongside the new graduates, from all over the world, as part of the annual Schmuck Show, which is now in its 64th year. Symposiums and fairs are regularly held in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, to name but a few.
But where are all the Irish?
We have a rich history of art and culture, and yet, the Irish presence is virtually non-existent within this discipline.
If I can paraphrase the [in]famous words of Alan Partridge; “ Der must be more to Ireland dan dis”.

This brand new collective is seeking members. The criteria is that you are an Irish Citizen- regardless of where you live currently.
We are seeking active members to be part in this collective, people who are interested in seeking opportunities, collaborating, exhibiting, and generally creating lots of noise about how great Irish Art Jewellery can be to a wider public.

The application deadline is 1st July 2012. Please email your application to : hello(at)

Please include in your application:

Place of Birth (town/city):
Current address:

Artist statement/philosophy
(what does art jewellery/research jewellery mean to you?) 200-300 words:

Please Attach a current CV.

And finally please answer this question:
Why do you want to be part of this collective?

Who am I?
I am an artist, writer and curator. I am passionate about opening up Art Jewellery to a wider public and about exploring ways to allow the viewer to become a participant. My most recent project was to bring 19 artists from across the world together in a exhibition ‘suspended’, shown at Schmuck this year.

Thanks for reading!
Laura Bradshaw-Heap