PE/AH 2011: 10th anniversary!

Published: 19.08.2011

Inspired by the classics, PE/AH is known for its very original designs as being striking, innovative and impressively wearable.

Founded originally in Paris, the PE/AH concept and brand was then further developed during attendance at the Munich Arts Academy in Munich, Germany. The brand hovers between the boundaries of fashion, contemporary jewelery and art.

Presented in either mainstream showcases or playful displays, PE/AH has already been exhibited and sold in museums, contemporary art and jewellery galleries, as well as concept stores in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, Japan and China.

Comfortable, elegant and playful, experimental designs, PE/AH products are made using a large variety of materials with a big preference for wood, glass, aluminium and plastic. From 2-dimentional forms to small characters and strange creatures , all pieces are produced in limited series and bear the "Made in Germany" stamp.

Wanna see more?
Then join PE/AH to celebrate in Berlin!

Samantha Font-Sala- PE/AH bijoux et accessoires