Thank you, Liesbeth!

Published: 09.10.2016
Stichting Françoise van den Bosch
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After almost 25 years, Liesbeth den Besten said goodbye to the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation. She joined the foundation in 1992 and took over the chairmanship of Paul Derrez in 2000. The board wants to thank Liesbeth immensely for her years of dedication to the foundation!

New initiative: The Françoise van den Bosch Essay The board has decided to launch a biennial essay commission to thank Liesbeth for her commitment - and not to lose sight of her. In this way, the board hopes to contribute to a long-cherised wish of Liesbeth: to stimulate an interest in contemporary jewellery from an art historical perspective.

Thanks to the Edgar Doncker Foundation Fund, an amount of € 2,500 is available with which Liesbeth can approach an number of authors for an essay or an article.

More information on this new initiative will follow in 2017.