Total Jewellery

Published: 09.11.2009

We would like to present our new project "total jewelry".

...We were always interested in expression of status/mark in jewellery, its codes and their decoding and search for the bounds of jewellery…

...In real, the physical bounds of jewellery are determined by the human body, to be precise, by relation of body and jewellery.. .

...Though it is more difficult to determine the bounds of jewellery as of mark/symbol…

On the one hand, we may say that: “the non-wearing of jewellery is also jewellery”, some kind of “negative jewellery”, a sign that person denies the system of “marking” accepted by the society… We can find many examples, when the entire groups of people wear certain jewels/marks. One of the most distinct examples are the rings of the basketball, baseball or other games champions. Also the State honors are attributed to the clan jewellery: the orders and medals. The exclusive feature of this jewellery is the fact that it is impossible (leastwise theoretically) to buy it. A person wearing the champion ring or medal shows that he has got up to the highest stage of the clan hierarchy…All of these things mean only the “part” jewellery, but not the all covering jewellery. In every at least minimally free society, not considering what “marking” systems are used, there is always freedom to choose and there will always be people, who will not want to be “marked” and will not allow “marking” them. Therefore, the total jewellery leastwise theoretically is possible only in the totalitarian country…

And then we remembered one of the darkest pages of history of the Western Europe – the concentration camps of the Nazi Germany and the Nazi concentration camp badges … And though the concentration camps are not “invention” of the national-socialists, the only Germans have introduced the rational and, no matter how horrible it would sound, – the “aesthetic” system of prisoners marking – the triangles, the system, according to which it was possible to identify a person in a moment, - the ideal “status jewellery”. And we thought: “what if…

So this project was born.

A project concerning the all covering – total jewellery, a project, which got out of bounds of jewellery, a project, which has become some kind of anti-Utopia, a test of beholder’s tolerance and political correctness.

But is it anti-Utopia? Don’t such the “marking” exist, even hidden? Don’t we put those even apparent triangles onto all persons we deal with, and the more onto those, whom we see on the TV or in the glamour magazines?

S. and A. Kriviciai