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Published: 19.05.2010

After a year off, the confidential, underground parisian and artisan get-together "Dit du Bijou" will kick off again, on a monthly basis: its aim is to exchange updates on the state of jewellery world affairs, and discuss a given theme.
You are extremely welcome if you are directly concerned with jewellery - and just as extremely welcome if you are less directly concerned with it (historians, curators, journalists, and their dentist, baker and astronaut friends will be given an extra helping of red wine to feel comfortable).

The next meeting is

Sunday May 30th, from 18h00 onwards (the themed discussion will start at 19h30)
A glass of wine and a portion of terrine will be exchanged against your completely voluntary contribution of 5 euros

the place: La Table D'Aligre
11 place d'Aligre
Paris 75012
01 43 07 84 88
Nearest tube: Faidherbe Chaligny.
Nearest Airport: Paris Orly
Nearest contemporary jewellery gallery: Hélène Porèe, rue de l'Odéon

Aside from the info bulletin (please come with an update on what you are up to: we want to know), the discussion that was chosen for this first encounter is the following:

Do time and technique define our practice?

If you want to come, please call the restaurant on the Sunday morning at the latest to confirm your presence. They need to kill the scapegoats and stew the rabbits for the terrine, you see.

Brune Boyer / Benjamin Lignel