Welcome to Munich!

Published: 03.03.2010

This year there are 33 events "related to Jewellery during the International Trade Fair" (some call it tsunami, we call it smk) The annual meeting of jewellery is still growing. . . Come and "see them all" or "select 7"! More and more makers and gallerists, collectors and students come to Munich every year. A common feeling spreads. Smk is the belly button of the jewellery world.

To make your trip and planning easier have a look to busper's free map of all events of smk.

Busper is a group of highly skilled goldsmiths, enormously engaged socialists/convinced commercialists, second class cast-cleaners, word collectors, proud applicants, wild wire-wankers, mercantilistic merchandisers, aware wearers of witty applications, young art deniers , healthy art apologists, anaemic animists, makers, users, collectors, gallerists and ignorants.

Busper is the feeling before during and after wearing jewellery