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Published: 06.08.2014
EMB&B Art Events.
Maarten Bodt Astrid Berens

EMB&B Art Events - are the organisators of the International Jewellery Design Fair: SIERAAD and New Traditional Jewellery International Jewellery contest.

SIERAAD 2014 takes place in the Gashouder van de Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam on the 6th-9th of November.

SIERAAD, International Art Fair, is the only international, specialised fair where goldsmiths and jewellery designers show and sell their work directly to the public. SIERAAD also accommodates special exhibitions and jewellery shows. The SIERAAD art fair has existed since 2001 and has become an annual public event lasting four days.

New Traditional Jewellery is a design competition held every other year.
Deadline for application: 1 June 2014.

The technical jury of New Traditional Jewellery (NTJ) has selected the theme “CONFRONTATIONS” for the 2014 design contest and exhibition.

Confrontations may carry different meanings: on a grand scale (climate changes, distribution of wealth, waste management, for example) or in a private inner dialogue: there is a lot we are confronted with. Confrontations are often hard to ignore and force you to have an opinion. Some of them may even be life-changing.

Confrontations also mean coming to grips with problematic situations, tackling a problem head-on (taking the bull by the horns) and facing the music. It's a word commonly used in sports, politics, psychology and war. This is by no means a complete inventory of the ways 'CONFRONTATIONS' can be understood. We are just scratching the surface; it's up to you to confront us with your interpretation.

What is confronting to you? What is it you want to confront us with? So here's the challenge: translate your take on 'CONFRONTATIONS' into jewellery design. As in all prior editions of New Traditional Jewellery, we ask contemporary professional jewellery designers to base their design on an inspirational source. This source of inspiration can range from ethnographic jewellery to personal history or current events and trends with relevance to CONFRONTATIONS. On behalf of the technical jury, the executive committee of the jury wishes all participants much inspiration and success!

Astrid Berens, Director SIERAAD Art Fair & Isabella van den Bos, chairwoman of Foundation Art in Business.

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