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SNAG. Society of North American Goldsmiths

Published: 23.07.2018
SNAG 2016 Conference Pin Swap. Photo by Jim Bové.
SNAG 2016 Conference Pin Swap. Photo by Jim Bové

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SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths ) advances jewelry and metalsmithing by inspiring creativity, encouraging education, and fostering community. SNAG envisions a diverse jewelry and metals community engaging in thoughtful conversation and critical discourse while preserving tradition and embracing innovation.
Founded in 1969, SNAG is a nonprofit educational organization with more than 2,000 members worldwide - comprising all aspects of contemporary metalsmithing. SNAG embraces artisans, educators, craftspersons and students working in all metals, multiple alternative materials, and different sizes and scale.
We invite everyone to join SNAG - jewelers, designers, collectors, educators, students, metalsmiths and others. SNAG is for everyone with an interest in the art and craft of contemporary jewelry and metalsmithing.

Member Benefits:
  • Full year subscription to Metalsmith magazine
  • Free Maker Profile Page
  • Riveting News e-newsletter every week   
  • Discounted registration to SNAG conference
  • Eligible to sell work at annual Trunk Show Sale
  • Discounted entries to juried SNAG exhibitions
  • Quickly post opportunities on Springboard
  • Access to all member pages on website, including Technical Articles and weekly news posts
  • Listing in online membership directory
  • Educational Endowment Scholarships (students)
  • Conference Work Exchange & Conference Scholarship
  • American Craft Council Show invitation program
SNAG’s online Maker Profile Pages  are a professional marketplace designed for consumers, editors, industry professionals, gallerists, employers and others to find professional quality jewelry and objects that excite and engage. They are also a research tool for artists, curators, writers, academics, historians and others.

Metalsmith magazine
Published by SNAG Metalsmith gives you a front row seat on the world of studio art and design in contemporary jewelry and metalsmithing. It’s smart, beautiful and provocative, and guaranteed to inspire and invigorate. Coverage spans contemporary makers, artists in their studios, edgy work, production jewelry, fashion, hollowware, furniture, collectors’ collections, and much more. For over 30 years, Metalsmith has brought you the best in the field. Print and digital; available through subscription or SNAG membership.

Nicole Jacquard, President
Brigitte Martin, President-Elect
Becky McDonah, Secretary
Anne Havel, Treasurer
Jill Baker Gower
Chris Balch
Dominique Bereiter
Kat Cole
Dianne deBeixedon
Brian Ferrell
Tedd McDonah
Ezra Satok-Wolman
Elizabeth Shypertt
April Wood

Events      View / hide events

Award giving  06 Jul 2018 - 06 Jul 2018  SNAG Educational Endowment Scholarships 2018 Winners.
Open call  06 Jul 2018 - 01 Sep 2018  Open Call for Entries: SNAG Jewelry and Metals Survey Volume 2.
Exhibition  23 May 2018 - 26 May 2018  Halstead Design Challenge 2018: Hidden. Collaboration with SNAG.
Meeting  23 May 2018 - 26 May 2018  SNAG 47th Annual Conference: Made.
Award giving  09 Mar 2018 - 09 Mar 2018  Sasha Nixon Receives SNAG Emerging Curators Grant.
Open call  18 Jan 2018 - 23 May 2018  SNAG 47th Annual Conference 2018: Made.
Open call  01 Dec 2017 - 15 Dec 2017  SNAG 2017 Emerging Curators Program.
Exhibition  17 Nov 2017 - 28 May 2018  Jewelry of Ideas: Gifts from the Susan Grant Lewin Collection..
Exhibition  08 Nov 2017 - 25 Nov 2017  Exhibition in Print: Repair and Renewal.
Open call  12 Sep 2017 - 01 Oct 2017  We are SNAG: Appropriated Adornment. Call for Entries.
Open call  05 Sep 2017 - 15 Oct 2017  SNAG Seeks New Editor for Magazines.
Open call  18 Aug 2017 - 15 Sep 2017  SNAG Jewelry & Metals Survey. Call for Entries.
Meetin  24 May 2017 - 27 May 2017  2017 SNAG conference.
Open call  28 Nov 2016 - 15 Jan 2017  Open call for SNAG'S 2017 Juried Exhibition: Repair and Renewal.
Meeting  10 Nov 2016 - 16 Jan 2017  Triple Parade 2016.
Exhibition  10 Nov 2016 - 17 Jan 2017  Triple Parade exhibitions in Tianjin & Beijing.
Exhibition  02 Oct 2016 - 05 Feb 2017  Beyond Bling: Jewelry from the Lois Boardman Collection.
Open call  19 Feb 2016 - 22 Feb 2016  SNAG'S 2016 Juried Exhibition Shifting Sites.
Meeting  20 May 2009 - 23 May 2009  SNAG 38th Annual Conference: Revolution.
Events include exhibitions, lectures, and an annual conference located in a different U.S. city each spring

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Magazine:  Metalsmith Magazine Vol 33 No 1. Society Of North American Goldsmiths:  Bethel,  2013
Magazine:  Metalsmith Magazine Vol 33 No 5. Society Of North American Goldsmiths:  Bethel,  2013
Magazine:  Metalsmith Magazine Vol 33 No 3. Society Of North American Goldsmiths:  Bethel,  2013
Magazine:  Metalsmith Magazine Vol 33 No 2. Society Of North American Goldsmiths:  Bethel,  2013
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