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Published: 09.04.2019
ElTaller de Joyería de Barcelona.
Jaime Díaz, Mariana Guevara

ElTaller de Joyeria de Barcelona is a space to develop and experiment with different jewellery techniques. We do this through a wide range of dynamic, practical courses based on experience and dialogue. Educate the senses and sensitivity. Get down to work. Develop techniques to give form to the imagination. School currently located in the industrial area of Poble Nou in Barcelona.


El Taller School of Jewellery of Barcelona was founded in 1998 by jeweller Jaime Díaz. It is one of the first workshop schools in the Catalonian capital. After over twenty years of extensive experience in a variety of jewellery workshops, Jaime Díaz decided to set up his own school to teach the fundamental techniques of jewellery. His key philosophy is to remain true to what he sees as the essence of the jeweller's workshop. 
El Taller was born in the Poble Nou district. Its mission; to teach the traditional techniques of jewelry. Its objectives, to establish a dialogue with students and shorten the gap between the world of learning and the real professional production scene.
For 20 years, El Taller School of Jewellery Barcelona, has been a centre for training, research and experience; and a source of extraordinary synergies.

Mission and objectives 
Tradition and Innovation

El Taller School of Jewelry´s mission is to teach traditional jewelry techniques, so that the student, from knowledge and technical expertise, can develop innovative proposals to the panorama of contemporary culture.

Manual skill to be able to open the door of imagination
We make a special emphasis on technical training. Following an individual learning process, we lead the students to learn with their hands. The mastery of techniques, materials and different tools is essential to make jewelry creating an inner journey and a mean of pure expression.

Research and Experimentation
The best way to make a jewel is making it. Through trial and error, ideas crystallize. Through theoretical and technical research, experimentation with different materials and through the construction of tools, we teach people to design and develop any idea.

Artistic discipline
We encourage the meaning, the creative and the communicative value of the jewel. We are interested in the student obtaining a solid foundation of the concept of jewel, which will serve as analytical support to acquire their own criteria as a basis for the development of their own work.
The working process of a jewel leads to an introspective reflection, and to expressive and communicative aspects. At school we encourage individual student’s personality, their personal inclinations, intuition and subjectivity, since the aim is not to learn patterns and external models, but to externalize and model their own to be able to develop their own style and language.

Support Network
The workshop is a place where people from around the world converge. It is a meeting point of different cultures where a dialogue is established. Creating synergies and a place of belonging. The workshop becomes a family space always open to the exchange of experiences.

The workshop
The students have all the facilities of the school at their disposal: the workshop is equipped with a wide range of machinery and tools, specialized rooms for hammering and casting and 20 individual jeweller's benches where students can comfortable work. At all times student autonomy is encouraged and supported in relation to the jewellery workshop and the proper use of the machinery and tools. 


Jaime Díaz Trujillo
Jordi Gutiérrez Yzquierdo
Assumpta Bou (External teacher)
Pilar Freixanet (External teacher)
Isona Ten (External teacher)
Assumpta Bou (External teacher)

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Workshop  21 Mar 2018 - 12 Jun 2018  Enamel at ElTaller.
Exhibition  29 Sep 2017 - 08 Oct 2017  Orillas y Dualidad by Nicolas Estrada and Dörte Seeger.
Workshop view..
Workshop view.

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Workshop view..
Workshop view.

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Michelle Roman. Ring: Chimpa, 2015. Oxidized silver, engraved, hand made hammered.. Student's work.. Michelle Roman
Ring: Chimpa, 2015
Oxidized silver, engraved, hand made hammered.
Student's work.

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Olivia Barthe. Bracelet: Press Bracelets, 2015. Oxidized silver plated brass. Student's work. Olivia Barthe
Bracelet: Press Bracelets, 2015
Oxidized silver plated brass
Student's work

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Paula Estrada. Pendant: Almas reunidas, 2015. Silver. Student's work. Paula Estrada
Pendant: Almas reunidas, 2015
Student's work

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Jaime Díaz, teacher..
Jaime Díaz, teacher.

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Jaime Díaz. Object: Untitled, 2015. Molten cooper, casting. Teacher's work. Jaime Díaz
Object: Untitled, 2015
Molten cooper, casting
Teacher's work

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Jordi Gutiérrez, teacher..
Jordi Gutiérrez, teacher.

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Jordi Gutierrez Yzquierdo. Ring: Untitled, 2015. Gold, gem. Teacher's work. Jordi Gutierrez Yzquierdo
Ring: Untitled, 2015
Gold, gem
Teacher's work

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Assumpta Bou, teacher..
Assumpta Bou, teacher.

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Assumpta Bou. Ring: Roman glass hollow ring, 2015. 18 ct yellow gold, authentic roman glass. Teacher's work. Assumpta Bou
Ring: Roman glass hollow ring, 2015
18 ct yellow gold, authentic roman glass
Teacher's work

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