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Published: 10.12.2015
Alessandro Prendin. Brooch: Untitled, 2008. Silver, enamel. Photo by: Maria Rosa Franzin. Alessandro Prendin
Brooch: Untitled, 2008
Silver, enamel
Photo by: Maria Rosa Franzin
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A piece of jewellery, as any other work made by man, cannot derive from a mere act of execution and cannot be passively made on the basis of preconceived ideas, as is often the case. This would inevitably give rise to an object that is anonymous and insignificant and would be anything but constructive. It is unacceptable that the maker, as a thinking creator, may adapt to such passiveness. This would go against the nature of being creative, presumably a distinguishing mark of his personality. Even when repeating a work that has already been made, the maker should consider the evolution of the piece and be able to think beyond the present. This is an operational criterion that greatly affects the results of the work and distinguishes it as a unique and personal piece as opposed to the industrial and serial object that, even when fruit of a design process, lacks the character that a manual artifact may have.
/ Prof. Mario Pinton