The Postcon Project

Published: 12.07.2016
The Postcon Project.
The Postcon Project
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Manuel Vilhena

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The Postcon Project promotes independent thinking, critical reasoning and artful self-expression in the fields of Education, Human Relations and the Arts.
Postcon proposes an educational project that aims to create and develop an unconventional model for teaching. This model offers classical and technical training, plus a plethora of techniques and attitudes that separate it from the usual ‘communication’ courses.

We believe, presently, that education is an excellent leverage point for the changes that create a sound living environment where qualities such as curiosity, experimentation, self-abandonment and healthy emotional responses to the facts of life are norm.
Postcon has been active since 1998 and has been through many phases and projects, all somehow directed towards the present one, the crystallisation and materialisation of offering a course to the wide public.

The thinking behind the way we teach is manyfold and it is based on the latest, and some not so new, findings from fields as diverse as Neurology, Pedagogy, Ethics, Anthropology, Semantics, Linguistics, Systems thinking, and from a long and enduring tradition of implicit knowledge transferral from ‘Master’ to ‘Apprentice’.
The observance of how children learn is paramount to and an integral part of the design of our programs, exercises, demonstrations and homework assignments.

Postcon aims to create choices through education by:
Delivering courses where individual critical thinking takes precedence over classic, conditioned learning.
Giving participants practical and conceptual tools that allow them to become better practicing teachers or enter the teaching field as solid professionals.
Engaging participants into creating high quality work which will be unique and congruent with their person as a whole and relevant in the context of society at large.
Creating a course that will improve teaching performance and the ability to lead and inspire others.
Promoting a quality alternative to the mainstream ‘communication’ courses, where the focus is on each individual rather than spread over a large group.


Andrea Winkler, Managing Director
Manuel Vilhena, Course Leader
Ozra Kallian, Academic Consultant

For biographies of The Postcon Project teacher's, refer to the following link.

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Meeting  12 Mar 2015 - 15 Mar 2015  The Postcon Project: Do You Speak Jewellery?.
Fair  11 Mar 2015 - 17 Mar 2015  Schmuck 2015.
Workshop  02 Aug 2010 - 28 Apr 2010  Manuel Vilhena: Jewellery and Other Stories.

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Book:  MV/365 Manuel Vilhena. van Berkum, Ans; Vilhena, Manuel.  The Marzee Collection:  Nijmegen,  2006

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