Goldschmitte 2018 skyscraper.

Ivan Midzic

Published: 24.03.2017
Ivan Midzic. Set: Steel waves, 2014. Steel. Photo by: Vanja Solin. Bracelet, necklace.. Ivan Midzic
Set: Steel waves, 2014
Photo by: Vanja Solin
Bracelet, necklace.
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Ivan Midžić, academy sculptor, 1976, Osijek, Croatia. Graduated sculpture 2002 in the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, class of prof. Šime Vulas. Fall semester  2000 studied at Indiana University of Pennsylvania with prof. Dr. James Nestor. Master degree Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, class of prof. Jože Barši. Awarded by council of Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.