Alchimia 2019 Master & Bachelor.

Izabella Petrut

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Published: 24.08.2017
Izabella Petrut. Set: Here & Now, 2017. Stone, silver, pigment, resin.. 3 Brooches. Izabella Petrut
Set: Here & Now, 2017
Stone, silver, pigment, resin.
3 Brooches

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Izabella acquired a B.A. and a M.A. at the University of Art and Design in Cluj Napoca, Romania and completed the GJ3 Specialization courses at Alchimia, School of Contemporary Jewelry in Florence, Italy with professor Ruudt Peters. Now she is living and working in Vienna, Austria and is a member of Atelier Stossimhimmel, Vienna.