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Miriam Gonnissen

Published: 18.01.2017
Miriam Gonnissen. Neckpiece: Erwartungen, 2012. Brass, rubber. 40 x 30 cm. Miriam Gonnissen
Neckpiece: Erwartungen, 2012
Brass, rubber
40 x 30 cm
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Miriam Gonnissen Jewellery is a jewellery label founded in 2014 and named by the goldsmith and jewellery designer herself. All collections are hand-made and exclusively produced in Germany. Working as a goldsmith and CAD Designer for the jewellery industry she is involved to choose between art and commercial design every day. This contension characterises her collections and appears in an alternation in shape, material and colour. Two different worlds, dependant on one another, are fascinating her. The materials used are silver gold plated, roségold plated, black ruthenium plated and thead.