Alchimia 2019 Master & Bachelor.

Nanna Melland

Published: 17.03.2015
Nanna Melland
In this video, Melland unpacks the conceptual background of her installation work, Swarm.
Video maker: Becky Yee
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Nanna Melland has more than 15 years of experience as a professional artist. Melland's works are theme related. Since 2001 she has participated in both solo and group exhibitions, symposiums, and workshops in Norway and internationally. The artist has been recipient of several prices and a number of her works have been bought by public and private collections in Norway and abroad. Melland also teaches and gives lectures in schools in Norway and Europe and has been represented in a variety of publications. Nanna Melland has a broad, interdisciplinary education that includes: Diploma from the Art academy in Munich; trained as a goldsmith at Elvebakken Vocational School, Oslo and Candidata Magister in history of religion and social anthropology from the Universities of Tromsø and Oslo.