Yiyan Zhou

Published: 28.10.2016
Yiyan Zhou. Piece: Set Of Jewelry, 2016. Porcelain with matte and glossy gold paint. Photo by: Zhou Yiyan. View on models. Yiyan Zhou
Piece: Set Of Jewelry, 2016
Porcelain with matte and glossy gold paint
Photo by: Zhou Yiyan

View on models

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Coming from the province of Anhui in the east of China, Zhou Yiyan studied art and design at the Shanghai Normal University, and then worked as a graphic artist for four years before settling in Paris in 2007 to pursue her artistic studies in photography and fashion design (Berçot Studio).
She subsequently developed a collection of art objects in porcelain those are inspired by her fascination for circles in Chinese culture, and that are worn as jewellery. Each item is unique and created by the artist in a contemporary ceramics studio. Featuring glossy or matt enamel, gilded or left untreated, each piece requires a long period of design work and perfect technical mastery in order to adapt the artisanal processes of ceramics to suit the desired form. In 2016, Zhou Yiyan was among the 5 winners of the Young Creative Craftsworkers Award, which has been run by the Ateliers d’Art de France since 1960 with a view to revealing new faces from the vanguard of crafts in France.