Lain 3 by Justine Gaignault

Textile  /  Geometric   Abstract   Pattern   OnBody
Published: 17.02.2021
Justine Gaignault
Lain 3
Wool, linen.
84 x 172 x 2 cm
Photo by:
Laura Stevens
Woven on an industrial jacquard loom, hand-felted.

Justine Gaignault's concern in her project “Lain” is to improve the qualities of the two natural materials wool and linen and to combine them using their specific properties. Wool gives the linen luminosity, softness and elasticity, while the flax fibre increases the durability and strength of the wool fibres. By hand-felting the wool, the fabrics gain volume and elasticity, which creates a playful tension between the two materials. The linen pants bulge out and create a plastic structure. Justine Gaignault worked with the Belgian jacquard weaving company "B & T Textilia" for her collection. Her collection also addresses the possibility of combining craft and industrial methods, as each piece is machine-made and then hand-felted. The plaids are characterized by a fresh colour scheme with bright accents and a pattern that looks rather classic and traditional. The relief-like surface structure, which results from the combination of materials, makes the plaids appear attractive and pleasantly soft.

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