Kaptenskroppen by Karin Roy Michelle Andersson

Something is missing in Malmberget
In the forests of Lapland, to be more precise in Malmberget a hole is yawning. A crater that make the village look like a lunar landscape. Kaptensgropen is its name. The hole is big, 600 meter wide, 400 meter long and 200 meter deep, and it will son bee even bigger. In a cloud of dust and probably with a lot of noise more of the ground will soon cave in. the people living there has nothing else to do but to move both themselves and their houses. What used to bee hidden and is now missing is Kaptenskroppen, an ore deposit from which iron has been extracted and sold. Sometimes you wish you could both eat the cake and keep it.
Karin Roy Michelle Andersson
Silver, porcelain, iron, gold.

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