Fork & Fly by Vie Stessens

Hair clip.

Vie Stessens (b. 1994, Belguim) is currently a master student at the Jewellery Design, Gold & Silversmithing Department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp.   
We all often keep some jewellery that we don’t wear anymore because we have a feeling or memory attached to it. It ends up in a box deeply hidden in a cabinet or drawer. More and more jewellery just lies there with no particular reason or the potential to be worn in the near future.  
The industry keeps on producing and we keep on buying every season. But what happens with all this jewellery we don’t wear anymore? 
Vie wants to tackle this problem in her work. She is as well a collector of these hidden away treasures and sees value and possibilities in them.   
The unexpected unique combinations are the starting point of her process and stand central in her way of working. With the forgotten jewellery she creates new, transformed and wearable pieces. She rediscovers the jewellery through making new combinations and the way she assembles them together she creates new unique pieces ready to wear again.  
Vie’s intuitive way of combining and assembling makes her pieces appealing and if you look well there is a touch of wittiness.  
In her way of working she merges humor, creativity and metalwork skills.  Her collection, ‘From survival to revival’, breathes new life into the old, hidden pieces. 
Vie Stessens
Fork & Fly
Silver, plastic, horn, other metal.
10 x 0.5 x 16 cm
From series:
From survival to revival
Photo by:
Tina Herbots

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