Dream Back to Yugang by Yanli Duan

Brooch  /  Symbolic   Portrait   Figurative
With the mission of promoting the spirit of national culture, revitalising traditional cloisonné techniques and reflecting oriental aesthetic interests, I take the Yungang Grottoes as an object and explore the contemporary aesthetic value of traditional Chinese Buddhist culture and handcrafts from the dimensions of craftsmanship, materials, patterns, colours and shapes. The work breaks the traditional enamelling process norms and aesthetic concepts as the core, and organically integrates the practicality of 'craft' and the aesthetics of 'art', proposing a novel expression and unique mode of thinking of contemporary arts and crafts. Using a variety of techniques such as filigree enamelling, burin enamelling, dry sieve enamelling and painted enamelling, as well as the innovative use of various firing techniques such as fusing, frosting, glazing and rust painting, the artist explores the richness of the colour language of contemporary enamelling.
Yanli Duan
Dream Back to Yugang
Sterling silver, enamel, gemstones
10 x 8 x 4 cm each
Unique piece

Photo by:
Zongling Quan

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