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United in Beauty: The Jewelry and Collectors of Linda Macneil

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Published: 03.01.2007
United in Beauty: The Jewelry and Collectors of Linda Macneil.
Suzanne Ramljak
Text by:
Helen W. Drutt English
Edited by:
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd
Edited at:
Technical data:
208 pages, hardback, colour images, text in English, 22.5 x 29 cm
from $ 42.95

Artist Linda MacNeil's outstanding works in contemporary jewelry are shown in exquisite detail.
Nearly 200 pendants, neck collars, and necklaces are shown, along with matching earrings in an exquisite exploration of MacNeil's celebrated works in hand-fashioned glass gems and metalwork. An essay by Suzanne Ramljak, curator, art historian, and editor of Metalsmith magazine, summarizes the artist's career and contributions to the worlds of jewelry design and glass art. A foreword by Helen W. Drutt English, art historian, collector, and gallery owner, introduces readers to MacNeil's role in the current craft movement. Portraits of owner-patrons of MacNeil's work model pieces they own, illustrating the important marriage between wearer and the art object. This book is a tribute to the artist, and an inspiring portfolio for collectors and designers.