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Published: 15.02.2013

Current Obsession is a printed biannual magazine about jewellery and its relation to different fields of art. Our goal is to create a different dimension for jewellery in printed environment. We tell inspiring stories about people and places, touching upon subjects like value, language and presentation.
CURRENT OBSESSION is an independent magazine and platform discussing contemporary jewellery in a wider context of today’s visual culture. CURRENT OBSESSION is largely based on cross-disciplinary collaborations. Our mission is to encourage a dialogue within the field of contemporary jewellery and stir new relations with art, design and fashion.
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Each issue focuses on one subject at a time, questioning what ‘archetype’, ‘youth’ or ‘fake’ are according to CURRENT OBSESSION. It’s a good way to sharpen the research and create a tangible ‘snapshot’ of the things taking place or relevant right now. One of our main interests is ‘giving a voice to the maker’ - direct conversations with artists via interviews or Socratic Dialogues . We are convinced that artists themselves are the ultimate source of ideas, but they sometimes need good questions that can sparkle inspiring thoughts and trigger artists to share their vision.

Editorial Team:

: Marina Elenskaya
Creative Director: Sarah Mesritz
Art Direction/Graphic Design: Anna Hennerdal & Linda Beumer
Contributing Editors: Kellie Riggs, Chris van der Kaap

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Marina Elenskaya:
Sarah Mesritz (left) and Marina Elenskaya (right).
Sarah Mesritz (left) and Marina Elenskaya (right)

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