Akiko Shinzato. Central Saint Martins. New Graduates 2015

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Published: 20.06.2015
Akiko Shinzato. Piece: Wearing Makeup - CLOWN, 2015. Leather, Swarovski crystals.. Photo by: Barney McCann. Awarded at: JPLUS Award 2015. Model: Alice Hurel.
.  . Akiko Shinzato
Piece: Wearing Makeup - CLOWN, 2015
Leather, Swarovski crystals.
Photo by: Barney McCann
Awarded at: JPLUS Award 2015
Model: Alice Hurel.
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Since facial features are the most important for first impressions, my collection is a series of jewellery for the face. I have used the aesthetic and structural idea of a pair of pince-nez as an element to interfere and alter the face to attach and detach at will.