Alaitz MM. Gavilán. Glasgow School of Art. Selected Graduate 2020

Published: 20.11.2020
Alaitz MM. Gavilán. Piece: Peaceful Chaos, 2020. Enamel, steel, a round piece for reference.. 1 cm x 6.5 cm Ø. Photo by: Alaitz MM. Gavilán. Samples of future brooches.. Alaitz MM. Gavilán
Piece: Peaceful Chaos, 2020
Enamel, steel, a round piece for reference.
1 cm x 6.5 cm Ø
Photo by: Alaitz MM. Gavilán
Samples of future brooches.

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Alaitz MM. Gavilán’s work embodies an exciting approach of the zeitgeist. Using the language of badges - symbols of protest and identity. She plays with forms and materiality to express her experience and observations of the world around her. The topic she is dealing with is brutal and it is fantastic how she translates this notion into her making but still ends up with a seductive aesthetic. For example, the pressure applied to an enamel surface creating a cracked texture becomes the perfect metaphor of the broken individualistic society she is commenting on. This is jewellery ready for the Street!
/ Silvia Weidenbach