Anika Lotter. Universiteit Stellenbosch University. New Talents Award Nominee 2023

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Published: 15.11.2023
Anika Lotter. Necklace: Turksvy, 2022. Silver, resin, porcelain, glaze, leather and Prickley pear skeleton. 16 x 6 x 2 cm. Anika Lotter
Necklace: Turksvy, 2022
Silver, resin, porcelain, glaze, leather and Prickley pear skeleton
16 x 6 x 2 cm
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The 9th edition of the New Talents Award by Klimt02 aims to recognize the work of graduate students in our field by supporting their careers in the professional world. Nominated by our school members, one of the selected graduates will win the New Talents Award.

The investigation of this article lead me to produce a practice-led body of work that translates the natural and cultural means of storytelling into visual language. The study not only investigates the landscapes’ ability to tell the story, but it analyses it through a New Materialist perspective that highlights the nature-culture assemblage.