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Published: 13.06.2022
Manfred Bischoff. Brooch: Ciao, 1982. Glass, steel, luminescent paint.. Photo by: Otto Künzli. Published at: Manfred Bischoff: Ding Dong. Manfred Bischoff
Brooch: Ciao, 1982
Glass, steel, luminescent paint.
Photo by: Otto Künzli
Published at: Manfred Bischoff: Ding Dong
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This article is included in the book Manfred Bischoff: Ding Dong, Arnoldsche, Stuttgart, pp. 13-15.

At the latter stages of his career, Bischoff trained his sights on the intellectuals whose ideas expressed a preoccupation with the absurdity of humanity -Foucault, Joyce, Kafka- and figures like Warhol, who revolutionized the content suitable to high art. Kindred spirits, which thanks to jewelry, he had the temerity to draw into his universe. Potentially an indication of a turn towards greater seriousness, when asked about his aspirations from this point looking ahead, he answered: “Hope, love, a little bit of fun…Nothing more.” Indeed, this was the guiding principle of Bischoffism.