A Chronologic Vision of Contemporary Jewelry in China. From 1956 to 2020. A Research by Ray Zheng

Published: 24.02.2021
Jing He. Bracelet: Attachments– Malaysian Jade, 2014. Readymade (Malaysian jade bangle, jewel box, price tag, certificate), pigment.. Jing He
Bracelet: Attachments– Malaysian Jade, 2014
Readymade (Malaysian jade bangle, jewel box, price tag, certificate), pigment.
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The aim of this research, firstly, is about emphasizing domestic culture: the sedimentation of Chinese traditional metal craft techniques is where the growth of Chinese contemporary jewelry relies on.

This article is a result of the research by Ray Zheng, as the outcome of the internship with Klimt02. This research is based on a timeline of jewellery in China in a political and social context.

The idea of the research is to understand why showed up and how developed contemporary jewellery related to the social, political and artistic context. The research outcome includes an article, a chronology timeline, as well as selected and cataloged jewels. This internship practice is proposed, guided by Klimt02. The copyright of the internship outcome is shared by Ray Zheng and Klimt02.