The City Goldsmith Tabea Reulecke visits Hanau

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Published: 20.07.2017
The City Goldsmith Tabea Reulecke visits Hanau.
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Since 2004 every two years the City of Hanau appoints a city goldsmith, who works for several weeks in Hanau at the Staatliche Zeichenakademie and holds a workshop for the students there. Tabea Melanie Reulecke (* 1981 Berlin) is the 7th City Goldsmith in Hanau. At first the artist presented herself with a public lecture in the school and reported on her jewelry creations throughout the world. After a workshop with the pupils the artist works until August 1st at the Zeichenakademie.
Tabea Reulecke has already made a name for herself in the last years as an internationally recognized artist of the next generation. In 2015 she received her Master of Fine Arts with the topic “International Summer Academy” at the University of Trier in the Department of Design, Gems and Jewelry in Idar-Oberstein. The artist, who since 2007 works self-reliant, is optimally networked and well-known in the international jewelry scene. Already during her training period, she was frequently abroad where she held workshops, gave lectures or worked in studios.

Work in progress by Tabea Reulecke

Meanwhile Tabea Reulecke worked in nearly 20 studios all over the world. At these locations I produced consistently new collections of jewelry or objects. They were characterized by special topics, which affected me abroad and the possibilities in the particular studios (…). Her journeys led her to Estonia, Belgium, Australia, Thailand, China, Brazil and Chile. The work at different locations and the discussion about different cultures motivated Tabea Reulecke consistently to reorientate herself. The fascination to experiment with different techniques and materials continued, the extremely impressive works of enamel are still her hobby. Colorfulness always dominates her works; she values the combining of various colors of wood such as ebony, padauk wood or olivewood. Tabea Reulecke often finds inspiration for her jewelry in the observation of animals. Dogs, cats, rabbits, lions and elephants can be found in her brooches and necklaces. Besides she created a series of big dog sculptures of metal. Certainly Tabea Reulecke will get inspired by the fairy tales of Brüder Grimm - we are curious about the results.

Work in progress by Tabea Reulecke

Tabea Reulecke became distinguished for her works in America, Japan, Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands. Her jewelries are presented in famous galleries worldwide.
Meanwhile the jewelry designer lives in Idar-Oberstein. The former stronghold of the diamond industry still offers an excellent field for the contemporary jewelry scene, not least by the Museum Villa Bengel, the local companies and the international noted training schools.

In context with the summer workshops for children at the German Goldsmiths’ House the City Goldsmith Tabea Reulecke will offer two workshops with the topic “Autorenschmuck”, which will take place on July 15th and 29th.

From mid of August 2018 the German Goldsmiths’ House Hanau devotes a monographic exhibition to the artist showing her works of the last 15 years.

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