Collectives of Romanian Jewelry Week 2022

Published: 29.09.2022
Collectives of Romanian Jewelry Week 2022.
Alexandra Bujenita
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Each edition, Romanian Jewelry Week hosts a special section dedicated to jewelry collectives around the world - schools, associations, jewelry weeks, galleries, museums or private collaboration of designer groups. They are curating their own selection of works and designers, in an artistic and cultural view of the most representative projects and events of the previous year. 
1.    Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER - The 30th International Jewellery Competition TOUCH. 5-9th of October, Cotroceni National Museum

The cyclical International Jewellery Competition is the leading event of the Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER organized by the Gallery of Art in Legnica since 1979. The competition is dedicated to the designers and creators of artistic jewellery and has been promoting creative explorations in the field of artistic jewellery and, at the same time, creative statements on the problems of the contemporary world for over 30 years. The theme of the last edition of the competition was TOUCH, a sense inseparably associated with the jewellery, carrying a special charge of intimacy and safety, but also - in times of a global pandemic and escalation of military conflicts - fear and danger.

The winners of the 30th International Jewellery Competition TOUCH were announced during the culmination of the Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER on May 13-14, 2022.

2. Budapest Jewelry Week. 5-9 Oct 2022, Cotroceni National Museum

This year in September the Budapest Jewelry Week was organized for the eighth time. The utmost goal of the event is to familiarize an audience as wide as possible with the genres of contemporary jewelry by creating opportunities for local and foreign artists to present their latest works. The programme follows a biannual thematic structure, and as it has been before in every even-numbered year this autumn again more than twenty venues hosted solo or group shows as well as accompanying events all around Budapest. In addition, an exhibition was organized from the artworks submitted for an international artist call. The show revolves around the theme ‘PARADOX’ and the selection has been made by a one-person jury, by the most outstanding and influential figure of contemporary jewelry, the Dutch Gijs Bakker. 

Apart from the exhibitions, the organizers of BJW aim to motivate the Hungarian and international designers and enable them to form a community via professional reports and themed workshops. The value-creating initiatives that are out of the ordinary in the Hungarian art scene is attracting more and more interest internationally as well as within Hungary. 

3. Les Brucelles - Brussels Jewelry Week. 5-9 OCT 2022, The National Library of Romania

Les Brucelles Asbl is a non-profit association, created in 2021 to organise the first Brussels Jewellery Week, which took place in spring 2022. With a major exhibition at MAD, “In Fieri”, as well as “Be.Next” for Belgian contemporary schools and a Tour of Brussels galleries and workshops, it was the first important event ever dedicated to contemporary jewellery in Belgium.

Les Brucelles Asbl’s aim is to organise such international events as well as to promote Belgian artists in contemporary jewellery, in Belgium and abroad. We are also dedicated to making this particular expression more comprehensible and interesting for the largest public. All members are living, creating and working in Belgium. From different backgrounds and nationalities, we all have the same goal: enjoying our work and hoping to inspire joy, interest and curiosity in others.

4. The Sense of Beauty Gallery, The Netherlands. 5-9 OCT 2022, National Library of Romania
The Sense of Beauty is a digital jewellery gallery founded in the Netherlands to showcase the work of independent designers. It offers a curated line-up of handcrafted jewellery, selected to inspire emotions, and celebrate individuality.
The Sense of Beauty jewellery gallery works with artists from all over the world, honouring the bond between a woman and her jewellery’ wardrobe through their vision and creativity. It aims to promote the values of its artisans built upon the age-old pillars of skill, craftsmanship and quality and to encourage them to stay focused on their creative activity by offering them an international platform to be seen and discovered and eventually purchased. 

5. Global Design Graduate Show by Arts Thread and Gucci. 5-9 OCT 2022, National Library of Romania and Galateca Gallery
ArtsThread is the world's leading digital platform for emerging artists & designers and a launchpad for the next generation of creative talent. ArtsThread has built relationships with over 950 creative institutions connecting us to over 400,000 students in approximately 130 countries and has partnered with leading brands, organisations, events, and media to help launch the next generation of creative talent globally.
The Global Design Graduate Show started in 2020 and was created as a proactive response to the cancellation of end-of-year student exhibitions in person worldwide due to the current pandemic. We wanted to offer students a chance to be seen and celebrated and not to feel that their work was going to be hidden away. Gucci became a sponsor for 2020 and in 2021 become the exclusive sponsor for the Global Design Graduate Show.
In 2021 we had 5,211 entries in total to the online showcase, with artists and designers of 114 nationalities and 417 high-education institutions from around the world taking part.

6. Milano Jewelry Week. 5-9 OCT 2022 - National Library of Romania
Milano Jewelry Week is the yearly event entirely dedicated to the world of jewelry. Through different events, Milano Jewelry Week develops within exclusive and evocative locations in the city: historic buildings, high jewelry ateliers, goldsmith workshops, academies, art galleries, fashion boutiques and design show. Milano Jewelry Week creates moments of exchange and interaction, captivating trade operators and at the same time putting the whole public of enthusiasts and curious in contact with the world of jewels.

7. Plus One Collective. 5-9 OCT - National Library of Romania

The enamel exhibition Plus One started with the idea of the plus one on an invitation. I wanted to expand the circle of artists I normally look to or consider when thinking of enameling and allow for each person who I invited to then in-turn invite a fellow enamelist. The result is a small collection of a variety of techniques by artists ranging in age, experience and geographical location.  - Jennifer Wells, curator.

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Alexandra Bujenita is the PR manager of Romanian Jewelry Week team, Art developer of Creative team of Imbold Cultural Foundation, Founder Delalu, PR account at Hello Menthol and Acuarela - Bucharest.
Ben Cooke Akaiwa. Brooch: Untitled, 2020. Mild steel, sterling silver,enamel,powder coat.. Ben Cooke Akaiwa
Brooch: Untitled, 2020
Mild steel, sterling silver,enamel,powder coat.
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Buzura Buzura. Brooch: Untitled, 2022. Porcelain.. Buzura Buzura
Brooch: Untitled, 2022
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Ilaria Demo DeLorenzi. Bracelet: Untitled, 2019. Brass and river pearls.. 26 x 3 cm. Ilaria Demo DeLorenzi
Bracelet: Untitled, 2019
Brass and river pearls.
26 x 3 cm
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Ieva Grigiene. Ring: Open Ring, 2021. Serpentine, stone from the river.. Ieva Grigiene
Ring: Open Ring, 2021
Serpentine, stone from the river.
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Youngji Chi. Brooch: Dotted Brooch, 2022. Sterling silver, fine silver, brass, amber, leather.. 9.5 x 9 x 2 cm. Youngji Chi
Brooch: Dotted Brooch, 2022
Sterling silver, fine silver, brass, amber, leather.
9.5 x 9 x 2 cm
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Sandra Kleimberg. Les Brucelles Asbl. Ring: Untitled, 2020. Acetate, sterling silver.. 4 x 5 x 1.9 cm. Sandra Kleimberg
Les Brucelles Asbl
Ring: Untitled, 2020
Acetate, sterling silver.
4 x 5 x 1.9 cm
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