Conversation with Prof. Teng Fei: An Overall Review of 2 Decades of Contemporary Jewellery Art Development and Collection in China

Published: 27.06.2023
Prof. Teng Fei.
Prof. Teng Fei

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Over the past two decades, jewellery art and design in China (C-Jewellery) have developed rapidly. There is, however, still a need for a professional and systematic review of the mechanisms of art criticism and collection arising from this particular category of art. Regardless of how they are articulated, in written form or otherwise, the idea is to help people understand the mental system's development in its context. Further, to establish a cognitive foundation for people with maximum accessibility to participate. Particularly relevant for those deeply interested in exploring the zeitgeist generated by this type of art. Certainly, for a culture to be sustained in any case, it is always paramount that it speaks for itself, leaving the rest to history.