Danner Preis 2020. The Most Proficient Forces are to be Distinguished by the Foundation

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Published: 08.06.2021
Bettina Dittlmann. Brooch: Wohin, 2019. Iron, solder, enamel, garnets, pyrite, neodymium magnetic disk.. Photo by: Eva Jünger. Awarded at: Danner Prize 2020. Disassembled view.. Bettina Dittlmann
Brooch: Wohin, 2019
Iron, solder, enamel, garnets, pyrite, neodymium magnetic disk.
Photo by: Eva Jünger
Awarded at: Danner Prize 2020

Disassembled view.

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The following article by Sabine Tröger is published in the book Danner Prize 2020. 100 Years of Support to Bavaria's Outstanding Arts and Crafts by the Danner Foundation.

As artistic craftsmanship itself stands out as a noble trade from the mass of the remaining crafts, so in turn, are the most proficient forces to be distinguished by the foundation.(1) Founded in Munich in 1920, the Danner-Stiftung is one of the most well-respected institutions for the promotion of arts and crafts in Europe and has been presenting the internationally renowned Danner Prize since 1984.