Do organic forms really exist?

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Published: 22.12.2014
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 Brooch: Polar Vortex by Wendy McAllister.
 Brooch: Polar Vortex by Wendy McAllister

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Opening of Genesis: Life and Form Through Different Lenses at Klimt02 Gallery
The Klimt02 gallery was buzzing with visitors on the opening night of our latest exhibition Genesis: Life and Form Through Different Lenses. Artists Ezra Satok-Wolman from Ontario, Canada, and Wendy McAllister from Baltimore, USA, had both travelled here to be present at the opening.
The high level of technical skill present in Ezra and Wendy’s work, as well as the fact that both artists were dealing with the same subject, opened up for vivid discussions during the opening night. The exhibition also includes fractal images printed on canvas, a limited edition of silk scarves and an exhibition catalogue to conclude the concept.

The idea for this duo exhibition was conceived in 2012 when Ezra visited Barcelona. After a trip to the Sagrada Familia, he came to realize that Gaudi’s infamous project was the perfect archetype for the macrocosm microcosm concept with nature as the basis for its artistic concepts and many of the structural elements. One year later Ezra saw Wendy’s work in person and realized that they were both inspired by the same subject matter and trying to represent similar ideas in their work. Still, their interpretations of the subject were different and this paradigm of different lenses began to evolve into an exhibition concept.
During this process we were in contact with the artists discussing the development of concept, idea and pieces. Both Ezra and Wendy were making new work for this exhibition. We were well familiar with the previous works of both artist and we were confident that the result would be breathtaking.
For Klimt02 gallery, our main starting point is the piece in itself. The jewel is the centre of our work. We show jewels that we consider as art works and we aim to show the development of the represented artists.

Wendy McAllister talking about her neckpiece Arctic Summer during the exhibition opening

Ezra Satok-Wolman in conversation with Serena Holm

Klimt02 gallery opened in 2007, by then had been online for five years and we sometimes got the question if it was possible to run a gallery and an online community at the same time. For us, that was never a problem. presents what is happening in the jewellery community on a global level, a space to get involved and participate. We also wanted to exhibit a curated selection, bring it to Barcelona so locals could see, feel and experience international art jewellery in real life. Barcelona is the perfect setting for an art jewellery gallery, since so many tourists travel here with an interest in art, design and architecture. The Klimt02 gallery is situated in a lovely neighbourhood called Gracia, which still has a genuine feeling, off the beaten tourist track. Here you find local restaurant, boutiques and a relaxed atmosphere.  
Klimt02 gallery will be closed for some days over the holiday season and open again on regular hours by January 7th. Genesis: Life and Form Through Different Lenses is on show until January 16th. If you are in town, please come by and visit!
Happy Holidays!