Ephemeral Art and Jewellery: Considering the Value of Jewellery that Changes with Time.

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Published: 13.12.2023
Sigurd Bronger. Brooch: Smiley Brooch, 2018. Silicon rubber, steel, oxidized silver.. Sigurd Bronger
Brooch: Smiley Brooch, 2018
Silicon rubber, steel, oxidized silver.
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Many of the materials and objects in our daily lives are overlooked. We rarely take the time to observe all of the different objects that we are surrounded by- acknowledging their attributes, their efficiency and the possibilities of how we can reimagine these commodities. We are almost always within the reach of an object made from plastic, wood, metal and some form of textile or fabric. While these materials may be of their best quality in this moment (in order to fulfil a purpose), they are finite objects with a limited lifespan. We rarely give thought to how the material came to be; where it was derived from, how they were made and what they will look like once they have aged and withered. 
This article is a result of the research by Laura Higgins, as the outcome of the internship with Klimt02.