To extend, Halfway and Beyond. Reflections on a workshop by Katja Prins

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Published: 17.03.2015
Kristin Beeler, Nuchavadi Bamrungtrakun, Anne-Marie Rébillard
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Atelier Rudee
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Photo by Kanyawee Witsawawatin.
Photo by Kanyawee Witsawawatin

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The body as an armature, a form to be extended, enlarged and improved. During one week the workshop participants explored concept- and material research, sketching and drawing under the lead of Dutch artist Katja Prins
Reflections by participants after  Katja Prins: To extend, Halfway and Beyond workshop at Atelier Rudee July 2014

"The workshop was like a levitation space, suspended apart from life. It was a place where I could follow the natural course of a more subtle thought all the way to it's conclusion. Walking through the door of the studio brought an interesting shift. Everything outside the studio, the language, the food, the people, the heat, everything outside was new to me but inside the studio the language of making was automatically familiar, common to us all. We were all pushed to become friendly with various forms of the unfamiliar.  Katja's precision of thought clarified our ideas and helped find value in forms or approaches that might make us a bit uncomfortable."
- Kristin Beeler (US), Jeweller 

Work bench, Kristin Beeler, photo by Kanyawee Witsawawatin

"Katja Prins’s work influenced my decision to come to the workshop. I found the content of the workshop is useful. It made me think in very different ways. I’ve gained different and new ways of working, very good introduction for me to design and art. Atelier Rudee is a very nice space to work in. The workshop was well organized, it was fun and useful. I would recommend Atelier Rudee because my experience was very positive and I believe the others can get something good, too."
- Nuchavadi Bamrungtrakun (TH), Jeweller

Work bench, Nuchavadi Bamrungtrakun, photo by Kanyawee Witsawawatin

"I've learnt about the workshop from facebook via Klimt02. I wanted to attend a workshop with a Dutch jeweler and I thought it was a great opportunity to do so in Thailand, and discover another culture, plus I always find the Atelier Rudee very attractive. I found the content provided at the workshop very stimulating. I've really appreciated how Katja “extend” her assignment in order to fit what we would like to work and think about. Before I came to the workshop I had no expectation in particular. I think that a workshop is actually a work in progress and that's what I've found here with Katja. She is a very listening person, not only when it’s time to talk about jewellery but also in general. From the workshop I've gained more confidence in the way I'm working. I needed some “fuel” to get started for a new collection and now I leave with deeper ideas, new ways of working: I can grasp more precisely what I want to make and communicate. I like the freedom we had, the serenity of the Atelier, the generosity of Katja, Rudee and all the participants. I would recommend Atelier Rudee for its great invited teachers, great studio, nice environment to get inspired and warm welcome. It's a place where you can meet people from everywhere while improving your conceptual skills with internationally well known artists in a quiet and peaceful environment.  The Atelier is a very well designed space. It is something I really appreciate here.  Particularly, the small room fulfilled with art books, handmade furniture, tea sets, etc. is very inspiring. Not only the studio has been thinking as a practical space for jewelry working and tools, but its whole architecture, interior design, and light were considered as well."
- Anne-Marie Rébillard (CA), Jeweller

Detail from an inspiration wall, Anne-Marie Rébillard, photo by Kanyawee Witsawawatin

Katja Prins giving consultation to Anne-Marie Rébillard

Group discussion

Workshop participant in the atelier, photo by Kanyawee Witsawawatin

Photo by Kanyawee Witsawawatin

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