Face to Face Talk: Conversation with Leaders at the 9th ELIA Leadership Symposium 2019

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Published: 08.12.2019
China Academy of Art
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At the ceremony, Chequita Nahar and Wu Zhou, successfully signed the contract..
At the ceremony, Chequita Nahar and Wu Zhou, successfully signed the contract.

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From November 20th to 22nd, 2019, the China Academy of Art, as the only ELIA China international member institution, hosted the ninth ELIA Leadership Symposium 2019. Rich and vivid seminars and various activities were conducted in the symposium, the country which participated covering 56 colleges and institutions in 26 countries and regions on five continents. Nearly 120 participants attended the conference.
The European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) is an independent network of higher art education in Europe. It was founded in 2000 and headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. ELIA has more than 300 members in 47 countries and a total of 300,000 students. It creates opportunities for its members to practice, communicate and cooperate with each other. The purpose of ELIA is to promote the exchange and cooperation of European and non-European culture and arts; to strengthen the status and influence of higher art education in regions, countries and internationally; and to improve the positive role of arts in economic and cultural development. Its main activities include: international seminars, symposiums of leaders and online resource platforms shared by members, research projects, publications, festivals and other activities. The Leadership Symposium is ELIA's highest-level event. It aims to bring together influential leaders in higher art institutions and educational institutions around the world to discuss the current and important issues of leadership in higher art education. The focus of the 2019 Symposium is The challenge of cross-cultural cooperation in the field of higher art education.

On the afternoon of November 21, the leaders of international colleges came to the College of Crafts to visit and discuss cooperation.

International school leaders include: Aleksandra Janik, Vice President of the Wroclaw School of Art and Design; Alan Labb, associate professor of photography at the Art Institute of Chicago; Dan Price, director of the Department of Sculpture; David Hawkins, Dean of School of Creative Arts and Engineering, Staffordshire University; Nienke Kordenoordt, administrative teacher of the Maastricht Academy of Fine Art and Design and dean; Chequitar Nahar and Tamiko O'Brien, principal of City &Guilds of London Art School; Magnus Morck, manager of Crafts and Design at the University College of Art in Konstfack; Tiffany Holmes, vice provost for undergraduate studies, Maryland Institute College of the Art; Weiwei Zhang, Design School, Yunnan Technology and Business University.

International college leaders learned more about the college's general profile and visited laboratories in ceramics, jewelry, glass and lacquer arts.

Ceramic workshop

Jewellery workshop.

Glass workshop.

Lacquer workshop.

The leaders of the international colleges visited the multi-functional classroom on the third floor of the College of Crafts. The exhibition hall showed the course of Research on Handmade Art Creation Methods, which included materials research, craftsmanship research, and modeling research.

Afterward, the leaders met with Dean Wu Zhu and Deputy Dean Zhenghong Wang for a short talk to strengthen the in-depth exchange and course discussion between the two universities. During the meeting, the leaders of the colleges and universities expressed their desire for further cooperation in the future.

Chequita Nahar, Dean of the Maastricht School of Art and Design, came to the College of Crafts to give a lecture. On the morning of the 22nd, our school had a ceremony for signing a cooperation contract with the Maastricht School of Art and Design in the Netherlands. At the ceremony, the dean of the other college, Chequita Nahar, and the president of our school, Wu Zhou, successfully signed the contract.

The reception of this chapter has been successfully completed, and cooperation between international universities will continue in the future.

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